Frequently Asked Questions

We have a short-notice requirement for a speaker. How much lead-time do I need to request a speaker?

We have been able to support last-minute requests for executive speakers in as little as 2 days. While many of our speakers are in high-demand, our ability to access a large cadre of speakers from various backgrounds enables us to fill last-minute engagements without compromising quality or customer service.

We have general topics and ideas we want to cover but do not have a specific speaker in mind. Can you work with us to identify a speaker?

Absolutely! Our event coordinators will work with you to identify your most critical topics and areas of desired expertise, whether they are leadership development, change management, diversity and inclusion, or more, to match the right speaker for your specific needs.

How is a speaker's cost determined?

Many of our speakers charge a market competitive rate that we’ve negotiated with each of them. Most cost variations are a result of travel that would be necessary if a speaker is far from the event location.

I have a specific window of availability in mind, how can I find a speaker with the same availability?

Many of our speakers are in high-demand, with schedules that change on a weekly basis. If you have a specific date or speaker in mind, contact us so we can work with you to identify a highly-qualified speaker who can support your event.

Can I book more than one speaker at once?

Of course! All speakers are subject to availability on the day(s) of your event.

What if I can't find a speaker with my desired background and topic(s)?

We are regularly adding new talent to our cadre of speakers. If you’re not finding the background or topics you’re looking for, please contact us so we can help.

Can presentations be recorded and shared?

Permission to record presentations will vary based on each speaker and there may be an additional cost. If you need to be able to record your presentation, please let us know at the time of booking.

What are your payment options?

We offer a variety of payment options including credit card, check, Government Purchase Card (GPC), or ACH. Speak with one of our event coordinators today to learn more details.

Do you accept Government Purchase Cards (GPC)?

Yes, we accept purchases through GPC. Depending on the speaker, we can work with you to keep the total cost under the contracting micro-purchase threshold.

Do you offer virtual and in-person meetings, keynotes, and speeches?

Absolutely! We have a growing cadre of speakers who are ready to meet your engagement needs virtually or in person. We’ll even handle all the backend virtual meeting software at no additional cost.

How much does a speaking engagement cost?

Costs vary depending on the speaker and travel requirements but are typically around $5,000.00 for an in-person speaking event. This cost is all-inclusive and covers all services, travel, lodging, meals, etc.

What if my speaker cancels?

Once a booking is confirmed, it is very unlikely that our speaker will need to cancel. On the off-chance that this happens, we will immediately contact you with options for alternate speakers who are available and equally qualified.

Can I book the same speaker more than once?

Of course! Many of our clients will request the same speaker for follow-on engagements.

Can I get an overview of what the speaker will talk about?

Once we identify the primary topic areas you want our speaker to cover, we will work directly with you to fine-tune the agenda, speaking notes, and key takeaways to ensure that the presentation is as impactful for your audience as possible.

Are the speakers reliable and credible? Is there a selection process for the speakers?

Yes, we have a designated speaker selection panel that reviews the qualifications, credentials, and previous speaking engagements of each speaker candidate before including them in our cadre. We maintain strict quality control guidelines to ensure each speaker we provide will deliver exceptional results for your organization.

I just booked a speaker, what should I expect next?

Once you have signed a contract, we will coordinate all of the logistics, scheduling, and other considerations to ensure your speaker is on-time and ready to deliver well in advance of your event.

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