Brian Thomas
Retired Command Chief Master Sergeant, USAF. Former Command Chief, 55th Wing, Offutt Air Force Base.
Background: Former NCO | Military Leaders
Topic: Business Strategy, Change Management, Decision Making, Leadership

Speaker Profile

Summary: Brian C. Thomas is an organizational leadership consultant, motivating diverse teams to achieve executive coach and professional speaker with an outstanding track record of helping organizations achieve peak performance through training and mentoring executives in the art of servant leadership, team building, organizational communication and organizational goals and vision. He currently serves as the CEO of Prosperity Solutions LLC, is a licensed Realtor, and is Chamber Board member working with the Sarpy and Bellevue Chambers of Commerce where he is designing workforce and economic development strategies across Nebraska for military spouses and transitioning service members across every branch of the military.

Thomas, a 24-year Veteran of the United States Air Force, served as the Command Chief of the Air Force’s second largest Wing, the 55th Wing located at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska where he mentored and led an organization of 8,000 military personnel in 37 military units stationed across the world.  He was a principle advisor on installation-level construction program development valued at $1.2B and installation support programs and support for 30,000 military family members, civilians and retired military members in the Omaha-Metro area.  He also served as dynamic team builder, innovation incubator and has created three professional development courses and one professional development organization. During his career, Thomas led at the squadron, group, wing, joint task force and deployed in support of OPERATIONS ALLIED FORCE, SOUTHERN WATCH, ENDURING FREEDOM as well as multiple Joint Task Force taskings. 

As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Thomas has delivered over 75 keynote addresses to audiences of all sizes around the world. He has accumulated over 10,000 hours teaching, coaching and providing leadership expertise to individuals and audiences at all levels of leadership ranging from first-line supervisors to c-suite executives. Thomas has worked with Congressional, state and local elected officials, and Chambers of Commerce on legislative affairs in Arizona, North Dakota, and Nebraska to enhance quality of life policies and programs for service members and their families.  Most notably, Thomas worked with both U.S. Senators from North Dakota and the State Legislature to develop legislation supporting military spouse professional licensing reciprocity and workforce development that was passed into law. 

Why would a prospective client want you to be their keynote speaker or to support their speaking event? What are some compelling aspects of your background/career/experience that we should know about? 

I truly believe that I was put on Earth to help connect people and develop them into the best version of themselves they can be. This is the highest and best use of mytime. I also feel that organizations and individuals will never reach their full potential unless they are willing to make investments in core competencies that I was taught and honed over nearly 25 years of leading.From my early years in the Air Force in aircraft maintenance and logistics tomy time as a Special Operator, I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to lead both small and large teams and organizations.

What are your primary topics/areas of expertise? Some examples may include: Conflict resolution, International Relations, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Cybersecurity, as well as specific countries or geographical regions. 

  • Inspirational leadership
  • Crisis Leadership and Communication
  • Organizational and Individual mentorship
  • Team Building
  • Strategy, Vision, and Goal Development
  • Managing Organizational Change

What are some positions you have held in your career that you would like prospective clients to know about?

Command Chief Master Sergeant of 55th Wing – Leading a global organization of 8,000 members with approximately 13,000 family members across 3 continents is a challenging feat. Leading that same organization through a devastating 500-year flood recovery, racial injustice and social unrest, operational mission relocation and Covid taught me life lessons in leadership that would be valuable to any organization.

Joint Task Force Senior Enlisted Leader – Leading the logistics effort and operational execution for Special Operations Forces from Navy, Army, andAir Force in a warzone where I was responsible for a diverse group of highly“A” type personalities.

Do you have any articles or publications? Have you been featured in any? If so, what were they? 

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